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What Is Domain And Web Hosting?

The following is an easy to understand setup guide for the novice for purchasing a domain and hosting.

Before Setting Up Your Website

Before you even think of developing your website, you need to start at the beginning – buying your domain name and web hosting.

The following is a step by step guide that gives a synopsis of each process and the company we recommend you purchase from.

1 - Buying Your Web Domain

Every website needs a domain. This is what users will type in to their browses to access your website. eg

For web domain registration, there is only one company we deal with – NameCheap.

There are different prices according to your domain extension. These are the .com / .org / .gov and the many other options available. Which one you choose depends entirely upon what business you have. We recommend that if you are selling a global product, a .com is best. If the .com name is not available, get the next extension that is best suited. For instance .art if you sell artwork.

If you offer a service and are wanting to target a local area or country, a domain such as (if you live in the UK) would be better.

For a more in-depth  article, please see:  A Guide To Buying a Domain Name

2 - Buying Your Website Hosting

Hosting, like your domain is another needed essential. A server will provide the hosting and this is where your website will reside.

Who you purchase your hosting from is extremely important!

Not all hosting companies are equal when it comes to what they offer. The following are some of the factors you need to consider:

If you purchase our recommended hosting, although a bit more expensive than average hoster, you will be guaranteed one of the fastest services available. Speed – We cannot stress how important this is!

For a detailed insight on hosting, please read our article: Web Hosting For Small Business

3 - Setting Up Your Website

Now you are ready to start developing your website.

If you are a complete novice and have no idea where to start, this is where developers like ourselves come in.

We offer affordable prices to our primary clientele who are small to medium sized businesses. Our prices are tiered to suit the size of your website.

Visit our Rent a Website page for more information.