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Get Top Rated Web Hosting For Small Business

Opting for top of the range web hosting for small business is one of the most important factors when starting the process of building a website.

Web Hosting For Small Business

But what is web hosting?
What is it for?
Where do I get it?

These are the questions all beginners to the world of websites ask. When starting out it can be a very bewildering and complex maze that you have to negotiate.

But don’t get flustered – it is a process that has very definite steps that have to be implemented in a specific order.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of web hosting for small business.

What is Web Hosting?

Every single website on the internet needs web hosting.

When you choose to pay a company to put your files onto their web server, you are buying web hosting. That company is now hosting your website on their servers.

These servers are very large, high-powered computers used specifically for storing data for all the websites that are “hosted” with them. This data comprises your website’s files – all the information and content that make up your website including all text, images and video.

So now you have bought space on those servers, that space is where all the files for your website will live.

It is the home of your website.

Hosting Plans For Small Business

All web hosting companies offer different types of hosting plans to their customers.

Hosting plans differ from company to company but all serve the same purpose – to offer the best payment option to suit the customer.

Many offer a monthly payment, yearly payment or longer.

The longer the duration you pay for – the cheaper it gets.

Recommended Website Hosting

Recommended Hosting KINSTA®

You may use your choice of hosting* in conjunction with our web development services.

However, we do highly recommend Kinsta®.

* Certain requirements may have to be met ie. SQL Database, PHP versions etc

Payment Types

Most hosting companies will make it as easy as possible to pay for their services.

They are catering to every country in the world including 3rd world countries that have limited options when it comes to paying for international services.

So there are plenty of options to choose from.

A good hosting company will include a selection of the following:

An important factor for most, is that when choosing web hosting for small business, it must not cost a fortune – after all it must be in the budget range of a small business!

Server Speed Is Important

One thing you have to take into consideration is server speed.

This is a paramount requirement for web hosting for small business as well as medium to large businesses.


A servers speed will directly impact on the speed your website opens to the potential viewer.

Today, your customers and website visitors expect a web page to load within 2 seconds.

According to statistics, 50% of people don’t wait for longer than 2 seconds for a website content to show on their screen. They will move on to the next website to get the information they want.

A scary statistic is that 40% of people will abandon your website based on the fact that it is taking longer than 3 seconds to load.

When this happens, it is called a bounce. They have bounced from your site without having seen it. Google takes note of this and it can be detrimental to your rankings.

The numbers show that as many as 79% of online shoppers state they will not go back to a website if they have experienced slow load speed.

This is the last thing you want!

User experience is paramount.

Psychology of a Fast Website

First impressions count!

Instant judgements are made about your business and services based on this.

If your website is fast loading and makes a strong first impression, they consider you to be professional, reliable and trustworthy.

These all equate to sales and leads – exactly what you are looking for.

Web Hosting Space

Another thing to take into account is the type of website you will be running – this affects the amount of disk space you will need on the server.

Website hosting pricing is measured in accordance to the amount of disk space you are allocated on the server. And the amount of data transfer or “bandwidth” you need for accessing the server.

What does this mean?

The more complicated your website the more space you will need. The simple text takes up very little space – it is not bandwidth hungry.

Photos, images, maps and PDF files, however, are space hungry. These require more disk space and bandwidth to host them on the server.

Also, if you will be expecting a lot of customer interaction on your website, you will need more bandwidth.

This interaction includes files that are downloadable by the viewer. In this case, they will access the server frequently in order to download these documents. Therefore you will need more web hosting transfer space than another website that has read-only text on their website.


Web security is a growing issue on the internet.

The internet and your website are available to everyone in the world. This fact leaves it open to anyone who is up to mischief to attempt to hack or disrupt your sites day to day running.

This disruption can be a simple hit and run hack with no info or data disruption, just a page letting you know they were there. This could be a serious hacker who is bent on stealing information or identities to someone who is hijacking your site or page for their own purposes. They would do this to harvest sensitive details from unsuspecting visitors.

Whatever the case, it is extremely upsetting to have had individuals enter your website and do whatever they liked while they were there.

This is where server security is a must.

The server host that you choose should provide website backups and do server maintenance on a regular basis. This also ensures viruses do not affect your website and allow access to emails for spamming purposes.

It is also imperative to keep your website running 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

This is called uptime.

It is the time that your website stays online in order for your clients to access it – without any problems.

Most companies promise a high “uptime” rate. Keep an eye open for that.

Customer Support

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to either contact or get a prompt response when you have an issue that needs attention.

You need a good response time to your queries.

Ensure that there is either a Live Chat facility or that their Forum is informative.

A good quality web hoster will ensure assistance is prompt and helpful.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right web hosting for small business is very important. There are lots of factors that are influenced by using the best server for your needs.

By getting it right – you and your customer will be happy.

Your customer is getting a fast and efficient browsing experience – which encourages sales and enquiries for your services.

You are reaping the benefits of a professional service, which equates to increased revenue from your website.