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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name: A Guide To Buying

Buying a domain name is just about the most important step you can take when setting up a website.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name

There are two steps you must take in conjunction with one another to start your website.

Purchasing your hosting and domain name. In other words, buying a name for your website and getting space on the internet where your website will sit.

Without these two things, your website will be non-existent.

What we are talking about here today is the ins and outs of a domain name. If you also need information on hosting your website, you can visit this page to find out how and where to do this.

So how much does it cost to buy a domain name?

The cost of purchasing your domain name will be one of the smallest expenses of your website. Starting from GBP12 per year, the price is dependent on the extension you choose. (This is explained in full later in the article)

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website.

It is what people will type in to bring your website up on their computer screens. Then they can find out what you offer and where you are eg

Your domain name is important. It sets the tone for what your website is about and what you offer. Any potential customer must know immediately either:

As a result, some careful thought must go into the wording used.

How To Find And Register A Domain Name

What should you consider when choosing a domain name?

Several considerations need to be taken into account.

Firstly, consider your customer base. There are 3 different types of business categories:

This is an important factor when choosing your website name.

Local Business

A local business will be servicing a smaller clientele in a much more specific service area. As a result, you may consider using your town or suburb in the name. For example, if you are a gardening service you may decide on: littlecreekgardeningservices

This immediately tells the viewer where you are and what you offer.

If you offer a more specific service in your niche, you can target down deeper. You can choose something like: littlecreeklandscaping or littlecreeklawncare

This is perfect. There will be no confusion about what your business offers and what area you service. You can avoid answering unnecessary phone calls. Avoid questions that are not relevant and a waste of valuable time. Instead, deal with be genuine customers. They are requiring your services in exactly the area you are willing to work in.

Regional Business

The same applies to regional business. You may supply a whole state, province or region in your country.

As with a local business, you can decide on a name based on your area serviced and product niche. For example, you are offer plumbing supplies in the state of Massachusetts. Therefore a relevant name could be: massachusettsplumbingsupplies or plumbingsuppliesmassachusetts or bestplumbingmassachusetts

These are all options to consider. Inform potential clients simply and easily about your business.

International Business

This needs a slightly different approach. You are now reaching a worldwide audience. They do not really care about how far away you are from their business or home. They are only interested in the products you offer, the quality and the price of the goods. And do they include or exclude shipping to their country of destination.

This widens your choice dramatically.

The world is your oyster.

You, obviously, still need a name that gives the client an idea of what you are about. Do not use a name that falsely states you offer a service or product that you don’t. It will alienate people when they land on your website and find nothing that they are looking for. This is not a good idea. Some people use sensationalism to entice people to click in the hope of making a sale on something unrelated. This rarely works out.

Some good real-life examples. These businesses are international and sell holidays and accommodation all over the world. Consider their domain names:

You know exactly what you will find when you go to their website.

Within all 3 of these categories, just choosing your brand name may be the simplest solution. (As long as you are not infringing any copyright.)

Domain Name Extensions

A domain name extension is what comes after the name of your website eg

The extension designates what country you are in or else what type of business you are.

A .com extension is global – anyone anywhere can use a .com. It is the most popular, well-used and well-known extension on the internet. Someone in India, Canada, Nigeria or Brazil can choose to use a .com at the end of their domain name.

Most businesses who use this are offering a service or product available worldwide. Therefore they are not restricting their business by using a country extension.

Country Extensions

Other extensions are more specific to the country where the business is located. It is a good idea to match your domain extension to the country you are doing business in. Particularly when your business does not extend outside the borders of your country.

Every country has their own domain extension – for example:

If you are a local business with a local extension, Google does take this into account. They know exactly where people are searching from and matches the related extensions.

Other Extensions

Other extensions available denote what type of business you are:

There are a lot of new extensions available nowadays. This is to cope with the hundreds of millions of website users on the internet all trying to register their websites.

During the lifetime of the internet, millions of domain names have been created, registered, and deleted. Taking into account that each of these domains must be unique, the list of names available to your business is depleted. It has definitely become more difficult to find a unique name.

These new extensions include:

So really, get the brain cells moving. Let your imagination loose when making a list of ideas for registering your business.

Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

You may think your domain idea is brilliant – but here are a few tips to consider before getting out the credit card.

  1. Ask a friend to write down your choice after you have said it out loud. Did they spell it right?
  2. When written down does it look odd? Like theeend. The two words look odd put together.
  3. Are there unwanted associations?
  4. Is it way too long to remember and type out?
  5. Do not use hyphens – people forget to put them in.

How Do I Check Domain Name Availability?

Now that you have come up with a few ideas, you need to check their availability.

You need to put them into a domain name checker. There are many available online – we would suggest using NameCheap’s one. We highly recommend Name Cheap for both purchasing a domain and buying hosting. They are reliable with competitive pricing structures.

After opening Namecheap’s domain name search bar, put your idea in. They will check to see if the domain name is available. If not they will suggest alternative extensions if your choice is taken already.

Keep going until you find a suitable name you are happy with that you can purchase.

The next question is – how to buy a domain name!

Can You Buy A Domain Name Permanently?

No you can’t.

You cannot buy a domain name and expect to have that name forever.

What you can do is pay for the use of that domain name for as long as you need it. Every year you are required to renew the registration of your name in order to use it. If, however, you do not renew your registration, by paying the yearly subscription, that domain will go back into the marketplace for anyone to purchase the name for use on their own website.

Once someone else registers and pays the registrar for the use of that name, you are unable to get it back until they decide not to use it anymore (or forget to pay their renewal). They will forfeit their payment allowing it to be available in the market place again.

Read on to find out how to register a domain name.

Where Can I Buy A Domain Name?

There are several well-known companies that you can use to purchase a domain name. They all offer a good quality service and varying price plans for renewals.

We would suggest NameCheap, from our own good user experience with them. Namecheap pricing is usually very competitive in the marketplace too.

Visit: link

Remember that your domain name is going to be with you for a long time – so make the right decision right at the beginning!