Rent A Website

Our rent a website option is perfect for a small to medium sized business. We understand that one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the affordability factor.

Rent A Website For A Small Business

We aim to bring you a website that is affordable, sustainable and doing business!

Let us help shape your business with an affordable website that is professional and functional.

The main purpose of your business website is to attract viewers, inform them about your products or services and then convert them to paying customers. It does not matter if you are selling furniture, selling insurance, have a restaurant, are a church or a school – someone is looking for you!

Be out there and benefit from advertising to a world wide market as well as your local community.

There is no set-up fee, just a monthly rental fee. This will get you a site that is tailor made to your requirements at an affordable and sustainable price. Your rental includes a monthly backup of your website so that all the changes you have made to your website will be safe in the event of any problems that may occur.

There will be basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) included. This ensures that your site is found by Search Engines and is tailor made to your products and services. For upgraded SEO – please contact us. This is necessary for businesses that need to market to local, regional and international audiences, who require their products or services to be highly visible.

What You Get

  • A Quality Website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Shared Hosting
  • Responsive Design
  • An Optimised Website



  • No initial set-up fee
  • Maximum 5 Pages
  • Security updates
  • Monthly backups
  • Basic SEO



  • No initial set-up fee
  • Maximum 10 Pages
  • Security updates
  • Monthly backups
  • Basic SEO



  • No initial set-up fee
  • Maximum 20 Pages
  • Security updates
  • Monthly backups
  • Basic SEO
Domain Name

Step 1

Buy Your Domain Name


£12 Per Year

Website Hosting

Step 2

Buy Website Hosting


£25 Per Month

  • Prices above may vary according to international exchange rates
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Please Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. We will endeavour to answer any concerns regarding our services.

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